SwarmFarm and Bosch partner to develop the next generation of agriculture robots


In Australia, SwarmFarm announced a partnership with Bosch Australia to develop its next generation of agricultural robots. SwarmFarm developed the SwarmBot technology platform to enable farmers to undertake new field practices and deploy technology into their farming systems through the use of swarms of smart, mobile and automated robots.

The innovative Queensland start-up will work with Bosch to redesign its unique SwarmBot robotic platform for commercial production.  In its partnership with Bosch, SwarmFarm will develop the final production model of the SwarmBot ahead of commercial sales to farmers in mid-2018.

SwarmBot is a connected, mobile and autonomous robotic platform designed and developed by SwarmFarm. The SwarmBot platform utilizes robotic technology and an ecosystem of independent developers that will create modular technology for application to the platform. Robotic agriculture will have the effect of increased yields with decreased inputs by enabling farmers to achieve consistency previously unattainable using traditional farming methods.