Evoware wins award for seaweed based packaging and works on scaling up production


In Indonesia, Evoware was one of the winners of the New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize in the “Circular Design Challenge” category for their innovative use of seaweed for bio-based food and beverage packaging. The company is working on scaling production and how to get customers to justify the investment since the seaweed packaging is more expensive than conventional plastic. Bruxel Waffle is one of its first publicly named accounts which uses Evoware’s packaging for their vegan Belgian waffles. They are also now working on a multilayered version for liquids or semi-liquids that includes dammar gum as a secondary material.

As reported in NUU in October, Evoware says the seaweed packaging contains no chemicals, is safe to consume, and has no taste. It is a way to combat Indonesia’s high volume of plastic waste pollution, which is second only to China.