Biomaterial beauty mask making electric waves around the world


In South Korea, BioSensor Laboratories are expanding the beauty boom’s use of sheet masks for skin care with its new Franz sheet mask using the company’s patented Tissue X technology. The fabric on the sheet mask and micro electricity technology delivers biomaterial into the inner skin and can be adapted depending on the consumers’ skin needs, such as making the pattern more dense near eyes that have more wrinkles. It triggers micro electricity through the mask to better deliver biomolecules like vitamins and hyaluronic acid to the skin, according to Korea JoonAng Daily.

“Energy occurs when fresh water and salty sea water meet. Using this principle, we put multiple layers on each side of the sheet mask to produce one-time bursts of energy,” Jang Myoung-hoon, CEO and founder of BioSensor Laboratories told Korea JoonAng Daily.

The interest in BioSensor’s new sheet masks is already sold in several countries like the U.S. and is growing with recent letters of intent for sales totaling almost $600,000 from dermatology clinics in South Korea as well as in Japan.