Farmobile gets $18 million to better utilize ag data


In Kansas, Farmobile, the farm data company, raised $18.1 million in Series B funding to expand its data platform to help farmers ground-truth their data, mitigate risks and generate a revenue stream from the data they own.

Farmobile’s leading innovative technology passively collects the most complete and standardized set of agronomic and machine data in real-time across a mixed fleet. Electronic Field Records are automatically generated from the data and are available for farmer retrieval via internet connected devices. Farmobile also offers the industry’s first marketplace for farmers to directly benefit from selling copies of their data to third party buyers.

“Farmobile’s approach to ag data management is a breath of fresh air for the industry,” said Mark Raymie, President of AmTrust Agriculture Services. “Better utilization of ag data is going to have huge implications across every facet of agriculture, including crop insurance. We’re investing in the future of ag.”