Farmstead digital micro-grocer launches in San Francisco


In California, Farmstead, the AI-powered digital micro-grocer, launched in the San Francisco Bay Area to reinvent the supermarket model with technology that sources and delivers local food from farm-to-fridge in 60 minutes. Farmstead’s fulfillment model is specifically designed to reduce the more than 38 million tons of food waste generated each year in the grocery industry.

Farmstead does not pack and deliver groceries from large warehouses in remote locations, charge high fees to send a third party to the supermarket, or charge for delivery changes. By stocking a constellation of micro-warehouses in the Bay Area with just the right amount of local, minimally-packaged foods, Farmstead delivery drivers are algorithmically routed to use the most efficient, traffic-free, eco-friendly routes, resulting in less congestion.

Food that isn’t purchased by Farmstead customers is donated to national food bank network Feeding America, which sends it to a shelter for women in the Bay Area.