DuPont Nutrition debuts plant-based, 90 percent protein nuggets for healthy snacks


In Nevada, DuPont Nutrition & Health debuted SUPRO 90 percent protein nuggets in a range of textures, shapes and sizes, offering endless possibilities to create innovative and great-tasting products. Nutritionally robust with a neutral flavor and crispy, crunchy texture, these plant-based nuggets are ideal for use in snacks, cereals and nutrition bars.

“Consumers want products with simple ingredient statements and high protein,” said Jean Heggie, strategic marketing lead, Protein Solutions Business Unit, DuPont Nutrition & Health. “These new additions to our nugget portfolio deliver on those promises while providing excellent taste, crunchy texture and strong visual appeal in nutrition bars, cereals and a range of healthy snacks.”

Food manufacturers can now differentiate their products with SUPRO 90 percent protein nuggets. With their high protein level, these nuggets can help formulators achieve desired protein levels while using liberal amounts of nuts, seeds and fruit to add visual appeal to their products.