Vineyard sensors deliver 25 percent water savings using a subscription-free, wireless network


In California, a team of collaborating companies connected a Vinduino agricultural sensor station to the eVineyard application via a long-range wireless data connection managed by The Things Network in a step closer to the vision of license-free community sensor networks for agricultural users.

“Reinier van der Lee, founder and CEO of Vinduino said, “With our sensor system you can optimize irrigation and save an average of 25 percent water. On top of that, you can share a gateway with hundreds of sensors.  A few gateways can cover a whole agricultural area, allowing tremendous savings on wireless cost.”

The Vinduino sensor station uses a custom designed Globalsat module that supports LoRaWAN wireless networks and Vinduino represents eVineyard software in California. The Things Network, a global Internet of Things network, uses LoRaWAN, a 5-mile range and low power radio frequency protocol, to set up subscription free wireless data networks in agricultural communities.