The Seam launches first of its kind business intelligence tools for peanut farmers


In Tennessee, The Seam, an agribusiness software and trading solutions provider, launched new business intelligence tools for peanut farmers and handlers to provide actionable data for changing or improving practices on and off the farm.

Instant grading and inspection information is now available to peanut farmers through automated text messaging and includes foreign materials, grade, moisture levels and other attributes. A new online Producer Portal provides access to graphical metrics and more detailed intelligence, including inspection certificates, contract documents, farm purchase reports and electronic warehouse receipts. A first of its kind in the peanut industry, this technology comes at the optimal time with this year’s historic-sized crop.

The new business intelligence tools were added to The Seam’s Peanut Commodity Management Platform, which was released a year ago. This web-based platform provides purchasing, inventory management, logistics, receipting, document digitization and more, while integrating with USDA and other industry systems and organizations.