Biobased coating to prove its mettle during desert solar race


In Australia, Covestro has announced an automotive refinish coating featuring its biobased hardener will be tested during the country’s World Solar Challenge. The coating is a 3-layer polyurethane made by PPG, with the top layer using Covestro’s biobased hardener Demodur eco N 7300.

“Some 70% of its carbon content comes from biomass,” explains Ulf Wentzien, global head of Industrial Marketing in the Coatings, Adhesives, Specialties Business Unit at Covestro. “This reduces the environmental footprint by around 30%.”

The Bridgestone-sponsored event bills itself as the toughest race on earth for solar cars. From October 8–15th, 40 teams will race homemade vehicles 3,000 km. Covestro says the race is an opportunity to test the coating in harsh climate conditions, with high heat, UV radiation, and particle concentration.

According to the companies, the coating is suitable for the solar-powered car because it hardens at low temperatures.