Potato starch resin maker joins AMERIPEN


In Idaho, potato starch-based resin additive company BiologiQ has joined The American Institute for Packaging and the Environment, a trade group advocating for packaging policy developments in North America that are “environmentally and economically sound, as well as socially responsible.”

Made from potato starch, BiologiQ’s Eco Starch  Resin is designed to be blended with conventional petroleum-resin pellets to increase the sustainability of plastic products. The company says that, when blended with polyethylene, the resulting thin films are significantly stronger than the PE-only film structures. This allows films to be downgraded by as much as 30%.

Brad LaPray, founder and president of BiologiQ, says joining AMERIPEN provides BiologiQ an opportunity to share its technology with “like-minded packaging organizations” and gives it access to strategic resources it wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.