Bath time just got more sustainable


In Brazil, Braskem’s biobased polyethylene will be used as packaging for Buhbli Organics’ Himalayan Bath Salts for sale at Walmart stores in the United States.

Braskem says that, for every 1 ton of its biobased polyethylene used, Buhbli Organics is sequestering 3.09 tons of carbon dioxide “from a cradle to Braskem gate perspective.”

“By choosing to incorporate biobased polyethylene in the pouches for our Himalayan Bath Salts, we were able to make a more eco-friendly choice because this resin has an environmentally beneficial life cycle assessment,” says Michelle Gojkovich, cofounder of Buhbli Organics. “Using green polyethylene in our packaging has a meaningful impact as it contributes to lowering Buhbli’s carbon footprint, which in turn contributes to the well-being of others and the planet.”