Fruit and nut bars get new compostable bio-based wrapper


In Ireland, film supplier, TIPA, developed a new compostable film wrapper for Shanvalley Innovative Food Company of Ireland’s fruit and nut bars. TIPA did not disclose what the film wrapper’s exact composition is, it said it was a bio-based multilayer laminate made from a blend of different compostable polymers that will biologically decompose within 180 days.

TIPA Vice President of Business Development Julia Schifter told Greener Package, “Shanvalley required the standard barrier, shelf life, etc. properties for packaging granola bars and was interested in a compostable wrapper instead of a conventional non-recyclable plastic wrapper. In essence, they didn’t want to compromise on the performance of the package while using the novel bio-based and fully compostable package by TIPA.”

“This structure was chosen to provide all the performance properties required by Shanvalley, including barrier, printability, good sealing, machinability on horizontal form/fill/seal packaging machines, and a general look and feel that is similar to conventional plastics,” Schifter told Greener Package.