John Deere flex fuel mower powered by E85 comes to town


In Washington, the Renewable Fuels Association announced that a member company, Mid-Missouri Energy, is home to a new John Deere flex fuel mower that runs on ethanol blends up to 85%. Mid-Missouri Energy, which operates a 50 million gallon per year ethanol plant in Malta Bend, Missouri, received the mower as a donation from John Deere to the RFA which then donated it at a 2017 National Ethanol Conference raffle that Mid-Missouri Energy General Manager Chris Wilson won. The E85 used in the mower comes from a local fuel retailer less than one mile away.

According to the press release, most small engine equipment is limited to E10, or 10% ethanol, but John Deere wanted to provide more options for those interested in using E85 to reduce emissions and support the agricultural economy. John Deere sells the mower to consumers interested in the more eco-friendly option starting at around $10,800.