Bayer donates global crowd-sourced plant data to promote sustainable agriculture


In Germany, Bayer and Quantified Planet, a nonprofit organization located in Vaxholm, Sweden, signed a licensing and cooperation agreement under which Bayer will donate proprietary, crowd-sourced plant data from more than 70 countries about specific plant types, locations, occurrence and distribution. Quantified Planet will make this data available for scientific research into biodiversity and thus for better understanding of climate change and its implications for sustainable agriculture.

“Biodiversity is life on earth. A rich and diverse natural world provides us with food and is the basis for many economic activities, including agriculture,” said Tobias Menne, Head of Digital Farming at Bayer. “We are excited to collaborate with Quantified Planet. By donating and sharing proprietary data we contribute to research into biodiversity for the benefit of both agriculture and civil society.”

Bayer and Quantified Planet are co-developing mobile applications to engage civil society to address global challenges such as conserving biodiversity.