Dutch have the right formula for the bioeconomy


The Netherlands is doing a better job of nurturing early-stage industrial biotechnology companies than the United States by providing by supporting “biotechnology ecosystems,” according to Motley Fool’s Maxx Chatsko.

Unlike the United States, which lacks government- and industry-supported industrial complexes and is too reliant on venture capitalists, the Netherlands is financing completes that help startups gain access to necessary funding and know-how.

“At the end of the day, there is no national policy that acknowledges the importance of the American bioeconomy and encourages investment and innovation in the sector,” Chatsko writes. “That means the United States—and investors—are missing out on some big opportunities, even though biotech revenue rivals other huge economic sectors such as mining and semiconductors.”

The Netherlands is also home to several top chemical companies in the world and the Port of Rotterdam—the world’s third-largest port and leading processor of petrochemical products for Western Europe. According to Deloitte, the Dutch also have the lowest-cost sugar in the world from sugar beets.

“The Netherlands understands that innovation can be bolstered with intelligent policies that involves all stakeholders. Uncle Sam would be wise to learn that,” Chatsko adds.