“Just levitate, just levitate” – Levitation now possible at home


In the United Kingdom, University of Bristol engineers developed a way to levitate matter with a 3D printed levitator using ultrasound waves that you can build at home. If you listen to Imagine Dragon’s “Levitate” song at a live concert and feel your chest pumping with the loud sound waves, you get the idea of acoustic levitation which pushes particles in all directions and traps them in mid-air.

Researchers created a nifty instruction manual for those wanting to build their own levitator at home using things like parking sensors, a motor driver, and other pieces to assemble. The levitator doesn’t harm humans or animals and can operate for extended periods of time. Before you go out and try doing magic tricks with your new levitator, researchers see it being most useful for small size things like analyzing blood samples and applications in pharmaceuticals and biology.