Verdezyne breaks ground on biobased DDCA plant in Malyasia


In Malaysia, Verdezyne has broken ground on a plant that will produce biobased long chain diacids, including dodecanediodic acid, from byproducts of the palm oil processing industries.

DDCA is the main building block of FerroShield, Verdezyne’s nitrate-free, dibasic acid mixture for use in corrosion inhibitor applications.

The facility is being built at the Bio-Xcell biotechnology “ecosytem” park in Nusajaya, Iskandar and is expected to be complete in 12–18 months.

“Importantly, the starting yeast will be made from the spent biomass that results from palm oil processing,” says Chad Waite, Chairman of Verdezyne’s Board of Directors.  “Crude palm oil and palm byproducts, as well as other plant-based raw materials, will be used to produce approximately 6,000 metric tons of industrial grade DDDA each year.  Verdezyne’s technology will enable a very low-value by-product of palm oil processing to become a high-value “green” product that reduces the use of petroleum.”