Biomaterials Get Nano-Scaled for Takeda and BioSurfaces Gastrointestinal Research Program


In Massachusetts, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited and BioSurfaces Inc. are joining forces for a research program to help treat patients with gastrointestinal diseases with tiny nano-scale biomaterials technology and devices. Takeda’s role will be to focus on the science and technical side of things while BioSurfaces will focus on the medical device design and nanomaterial development and fabrication. BioSurfaces uses nanofibrous materials from polymers and can even include drugs and medicine directly into the nanofibers for release on the targeted area in the body.

Vincent Ling, Ph.D., senior director of the Materials and Innovation, Takeda Pharmaceutical Sciences told SatPRNews, “Takeda has a long history of material innovation, and this collaboration with BioSurfaces is a further example of our expansion of therapeutic modalities into nano-scale biomaterials.”