Arzeda raises $12 million to rewrite the software of life


In Washington, Arzeda raised $12 million in Series A funding to accelerate the scale-up of Arzeda’s advanced protein design technology that can deliver revolutionary new production pathways for a wide range of valuable chemicals and materials. Proteins are the workhorses and engines of life, making up to 98 percent of all biological activity.

The ability to rewrite the software of life allows Arzeda to engineer organisms to create the building blocks of industrial applications. Arzeda has developed proteins for global manufacturers including DuPont and Mitsubishi Rayon that improve crop yield and resilience, increase the performance and sustainability of nylons and reduce the cost of producing high-value food ingredients.

The funding will be used to scale-up Arzeda’s high-throughput computing and laboratory screening capacity and fully integrate computational and data science teams with laboratory operations, streamlining the process used to design proteins and enzymes and confirm their functionality in commercial production settings.