Kiwa Bio-Tech initiates the new Harmless Agriculture Standard in China


In California, Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corporation, a company focused on eco-friendly bio-based fertilizers promoting soil health, was authorized by China’s Ministry of Agriculture and China Agricultural Products Processing Industry Development Association in Guilin, Guangxi province to establish the Specialty Committee of the Harmless Agriculture Standard System Construction for all of China.

“As a significant promoter of harmless natural agriculture, Kiwa has officially presented its KIWA-ETS microbial fertilizer brand to the market.  We are looking forward to working closely with CAPPIDA to evolve China toward harmless agriculture,” said Yvonne Wang, the Chief Executive Officer of Kiwa.

The initiation of the new Harmless Agriculture Standard reflects the focus of China’s agricultural industry on rational international standards. Kiwa will be the principal developer of China’s harmless agriculture standards.  Kiwa’s development effort is based in China and this appointment positions Kiwa to be a significant player in the microbial fertilizer industry in China.