GDM taps Benson Hill to advance soybean breeding worldwide


In Missouri, Benson Hill Biosystems announced a collaboration agreement with GDM Seeds, a leading global soybean research, development and commercialization company. GDM will leverage CropOS, Benson Hill’s cognitive platform using big data analytics and plant genomics to improve and enhance its soybean research program worldwide.

“Benson Hill’s platform provides access to data and predictive analytics to accelerate the plant breeding process and enable our team to bring improved varieties to the market faster,” said Marcos Quiroga, Director of Research and Development at GDM.  “With decades of experience in soybean breeding, we recognize the importance of leveraging the most advanced technologies to bring more choice to our customers. Our collaboration with Benson Hill enables our team to leverage their advanced capabilities to enhance our existing program.”

GDM will employ Breed, powered by CropOS, to select lines for advancement to markets across Argentina, Brazil, Europe, Paraguay, United States, Uruguay and South Africa.