Corn and Sugar Not Just in Cereal Anymore – John Deere Bioplastic Toys to Hit Shelves Soon


In Colorado, John Deere and toy company BeginAgain teamed up to make new eco-friendly John Deere-licensed toys made from corncobs and sugar cane. Made by Pikes Peak Plastics Co., the bioplastic toys come from corncobs grown on U.S. farms harvested by John Deere rigs and the toys are put together and produced in the U.S. demonstrating how farmers and factories come together. The John Deere Eco-Rigs toy has a sweet corn smell due to its material and will be on store shelves for sale within the next 10 days.

BeginAgain is no stranger to the bioplastic toy market, having worked with other plant-based products like rubberwood for wooden toys, tree sap for rubber bath toys and recycled plastic yogurt cups. They see sustainability and eco-friendliness as the future of toys.