Going Where the Big Guns Are – Eastman Launches Treva Biomaterial in China First


In China, Eastman Chemical Co. chose the country to launch its new Treva material because it sees China as the largest market for the new bioplastic material. Treva is plant-based, with 50% of it consisting of cellulose from FSC certified forests, and the other 50% consisting of the traditional fossil fuel petrochemicals. The material is similar in strength and durability to Eastman’s Tritan copolyester, which is currently used in a variety of markets and most recognized in water bottles, drinkware, food containers, and small appliances.

We reported earlier that Eastman created the Treva material for various applications such as eyeglass frames, wearable electronics like headphones, cosmetic cases, automotive interior components, so launching in China first makes sense given that many of these items are made in China. They aren’t ruling out the medical industry either for their new biomaterial.