Blue scorpion venom and plant-based phytonutrients combine to inhibit cancer growth


In Maryland, PetLife Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced an all-natural cancer cocktail combining Blue Scorpion Venom Chlorotoxin with plant-based phytonutrients. Preliminary testing has shown inhibition against certain cancer cell line studies without toxicity.

Using an all-natural formulation, PetLife intends to capture the plant-based therapeutic benefits without the creation of any unintended consequences.  Certain phytonutrients were identified which can work synergistically with Blue Scorpion Venom to inhibit cancer cell growth.

“This groundbreaking, patent pending biotechnology will serve as the core ingredient in our pharma product Vitalzul once we complete the much anticipated FDA trials.  It is well known that animal research and studies are the foundation of human applications. Our first goal is to complete the successful testing, FDA application and commercialization for the benefit of animals. Then, we will move aggressively in expanding our research in the human arena, where we anticipate strong interest from industry leaders,” added PetLife CEO Dr. Salvagno.