Novamont Says 40% Minimum Bio-based Material for All Its Bioplastics


In Italy, biotech company Novamont is introducing a 40% minimum threshold for bio-based content in all of its MATER-BI compostable bioplastics, not just in Italy and France where those targets have been established for 2018, but across the board in the company. The new minimum will help Novamont reduce CO2 emissions by an annual equivalent of 75,000 cars. Novamont will also be seeking the Kyoto Club e-label! environmental multi-label for their more sustainable products that have up to 100% renewable raw material.

Novamont’s CEO Catia Bastioli told Waste Management World, “This decision to voluntarily raise renewable content levels across our entire range of MATER-BI bioplastics goes hand in hand with that taken many years ago to only use these bioplastics for applications which make a contribution to the system. This is part of the circular economy model…Only in this way will it be possible to eliminate plastic pollution in our waters, which is 80% caused by non-virtuous behaviour on land.”