Dupont Wins European Bio-based Materials Company of the Year for Biomaterial Innovations


In the United Kingdom, DuPont Industrial Biosciences won the 2017 European Bio-based Materials Company of the Year for its work on bio-based materials innovations and their commitment to research and development on new technologies that lower reliance on fossil fuels and improve product performance and quality, such as their Sorona polymer.

Sorona is 37% made from a renewable plant-based ingredient called Bio-PDO which is made from sugar extracted from feed corn and put through a fermentation process. The other 63% of Sorona consists of petroleum based ingredients. Sorona is used in a variety of consumer market items such as carpets and clothing due to its softness, durability and stain resistance.

Earlier this year, we reported that DuPont was a runner up for the World Textile Awards’ Fiber Producer of the Year. North Carolina based Unifi, Inc. won instead for their REPREVE fiber made from recycled plastic bottles.