New shelf-stable plant protein meal pouches from Atlantic Natural Foods


In North Carolina, Atlantic Natural Foods, LLC partnered with Pataya Food Group to create a complete range of shelf-stable pouch meals made from plant-based proteins. The exclusive agreement will begin with ANF’s Loma Linda Blue meal solutions in the North American market by summer 2017.

Loma Linda Blue will consist of sixteen meal solutions packed in shelf-stable, easy to grab-on-the-go, individual microwavable pouches that can be prepared in one minute. Research-driven consumer insights helped shape the product line to support the growth of a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. The line will include a collection of tasteful, portable and healthy meal solutions from around the world, including Spicy Pad Thai, Italian Bolognese and Southwest Chunky Stew.

The project is in cooperation with Kasetsart University’s Institute of Food Research and Product Development to support new product development and to provide material that will be created at the university’s pilot plant facility in Thailand.