No Gasoline for You! City Considers Banning Fossil Fuel Sales and Aims for Net Zero Carbon Emissions


In Sweden, the city of Stockholm is going beyond Sweden’s promise to become fossil-fuel free by 2045 and saying they will eliminate all net carbon emissions in the city by 2040. How will they do that with such a portion of emissions coming from transportation in the city and the population growing in the region? They will rely on renewable fuels and electricity for transportation by possibly banning all fossil fuel sales in 2040. One of their biggest challenges is the Stockholm Royal Seaport shipping and maritime emissions, which they hope to address by incentivizing ships to use dockside electrical connections instead of on-board fossil-fuel-fired generators. They city also hopes to increase the percentage of biobased plastics, while they see the use of biofuels as not necessarily helping their goal since combustion still adds CO2, making it difficult to reach net zero emissions.