SHERO is a Hero for Environmentally Friendly Algae-Based Feminine Hygiene


In Utah, University of Utah scientists developed a 100% biodegradable feminine hygiene product. The project originated from a nonprofit’s request in Guatemala where the lack of public sanitation was causing their rivers to become polluted and where people really needed a biodegradable option. While the development of the SHERO pad was to address the needs of low income areas in developing countries with no public sanitation, they also hope to have the product to market in the next year or so in the U.S. for women who are looking for a more comfortable biodegradable option.

The biodegradable maxi pad comes at a great time when many female consumers are looking for more environmentally friendly options for their personal care products. With an algae-based absorbent center and cotton covering, the SHERO pad is thinner than other similar pads that are too bulky and it can break down in less than six months.