Biomaterial Bone Graft Used for First Time in U.S. for Knee Surgery


In California, for the first time in the U.S., a surgeon used a pliable biomaterial in a bone graft for a knee fusion procedure. The foam biomaterial, called CERASORB, was made by North Carolina-based biomaterial company CURASAN Inc. and was approved by the USDA in December 2016. CURASAN creates a variety of biomaterials for the medical industry, specifically in the bone and tissue regeneration areas that are used by surgeons in dentistry and orthopedics. Divakar Krishnareddy, M.D., the surgeon who performed the surgery told WRAL TechWire, “It’s exciting to see a product that has both excellent handling and strong clinical evidence become available in the U.S.A. CERASORB Ortho Foam’s handling is very easy to adapt to underlying anatomy, preventing large gaps while allowing graft placement where you need it.”