ZFUZE Fuses Bone Together Using Latest Biomaterial Polymer Technologies


In Texas, DiFusion Inc., which develops various biomaterial polymer technologies for the medical industry, concluded its in vitro and in vivo studies for ZFUZE. ZFUZE is a new medical polymer created by DiFusion that is load bearing and antimicrobial. The new polymer can be used as an implantable biomaterial that can join bone in regenerative medicine and resists microbial colonization better than competitive antimicrobial material spinal implants during its testing. The studies were completed at Clemson University and the Simmons Institute at Alleghany Medical and ZFUZE is hoping to get it cleared by the FDA later this year. DiFusion already has over 80 international patents and six U.S. patents that cover new load bearing implantable medical polymers it has developed for tissue regeneration, collagen formation, and other medical uses.