Planet and FarmShots offer John Deere users access to high resolution satellite imagery


In California, Planet and FarmShots collaborated to provide John Deere Operations Center users with access to up-to-daily imagery of their fields. Anyone with a free MyJohnDeere account and organization in Operations Center can use FarmShots’ precision agriculture software to access Planet’s high resolution satellite imagery.

With access, users can import field boundaries into FarmShots directly from Operations Center; export the plant health data layer to Field Analyzer; generate prescription maps for GreenStar 2630 displays; and compare plant health with yield maps year to year. When integrated with My John Deere Operations Center, it is possible to quickly create prescription maps based on plant health and upload these prescriptions directly to John Deere equipment for fast and easy treatment.

Operating the largest constellation of Earth-imaging satellites, Planet provides agricultural data to users globally. FarmShots analyzes satellite & drone imagery to help farmers reduce field scouting by as much as 90 percent.