Lufa Farms’ new urban rooftop greenhouse grows over 40 varieties of greens and vegetables


In Canada, Lufa Farms debuted its third highly automated greenhouse in the Montreal borough of Anjou. The new 63,000 square foot rooftop greenhouse produces over 40 varieties of urban-grown greens and vegetables throughout the year. Lufa Farms already delivers more than 10,000 food baskets every week to consumers of Greater Montreal, who shop via their online marketplace.

Constructed on top of an existing warehouse building in Montreal’s borough of Anjou, Lufa Farms’ largest and most technologically advanced greenhouse was designed and constructed with the financial support of the Fonds de solidarité FTQ and La Financière agricole du Québec. The new greenhouse was designed by Dutch greenhouse innovators at KUBO, outfitted by Belgian greenhouse automation experts, Hortiplan, and includes advanced horticultural lighting systems from GE.

The company plans to continue the expansion of its urban farm projects in Quebec urban centers, and also in select New England locations in the U.S.