French Skin Care Company Joins EU Algae Project


In France, skin care firm Lessonia has joined a research project aimed at increasing production and use of two European seaweeds: brown alga Saccharina latissima and the green algae Ulva spp.

Dubbed Genetic Diversity Exploitation for Innovative Macro-algal Biorefinery (GENIALG), the program has €23 million in European Union funding and includes 19 partners from research institutes and companies in Europe.

Lessonia says participation in GENIALG could yield new ingredients for its own products. “GENIALG not only will provide to Lessonia an access to academic research laboratories’ technologies, but also will enable to study a multitude of molecules from algae, with potential cosmetic activities,” the company tells Premium Beauty News.

An existing collaboration between Roscoff biological station and Lessonia has already led to a successful technology transfer agreement for the enzymatic hydrolyze of algae polysaccharides.