TerraNu Nutrient Technology is manure in uniform dry granules for precision application


In Indiana, Midwestern BioAg announced TerraNu Nutrient Technology, a new manufacturing process that transforms dairy manure into a uniform, dry fertilizer granule that can be efficiently stored, transported and spread.  Products made through this process offer precision application – each granule has the same guaranteed analysis, allowing for even in-field distribution.

The process infuses essential crop nutrients into a manure base to give more farms access to the biological benefits of manure. The base material is made primarily of decomposed microbes from the digested manure. This biological matter is food for living soil microbes when the product is used as fertilizer; it draws nutrients into the soil life food chain, helping make them more plant available.

The technology can help address nutrient loading challenges by facilitating the transfer of excess nutrients to distant farms; thereby reducing impacts to local water supplies from over-application of manure and the associated water quality problems.