Kalamazoo Yogurt Cup Maker Announces Expansion


In Michigan, Fabri-Kal, a Kalamazoo-based manufacturer of wheat straw-based yogurt cups and food-service containers, is doubling capacity at its Burley manufacturing site. The company is adding 20 pulp forming lines and 75-100 jobs.

Fabri-Kal also operates plants in South Caroline and Pennsylvania, but several factors led it to choose the Burley site for investment. Plant manager Brian Hackett tells MagicValley.com the Burley plant is close to one of its largest customers, yogurt-maker Chobani. Access to raw materials, railroads, and the interstate also factored into the company’s decision, as did local incentives. “The city of Burley did a fantastic job working with our executives and made such an enticing offer we couldn’t resist,” Hackett said.

Fabri-Kal’s containers are 100% compostable and use straw grown within 50 miles of the facility.