Missouri Company Wants to Keep Your Coffee Warm with Biobased Thermal Technology


In Missouri, ThermAvant International is using an unspecified biobased material to help keep your coffee warm even in unforgiving climates.

The company’s Lexo mug, which features stainless steel walls and a biobased lining, maintains a “comfortable drinking temperature” for up to eight hours.

“Before you pour hot coffee into it, the material is solid, but after you pour the coffee, the [biobased] material turns to liquid and absorbs the thermal energy,” Hongbin Ma, director of the University of Missouri’s Center for Thermal Management and a ThermAvant founder, tells the Associated Press.

Available on Amazon, over 650 mugs of the 10-ounce mugs have been sold, and a 16-ouce version is set to be launched this spring.

The company was originally founded to provide thermal-management solutions to the military. Ma begin working in consumer products in 2015.