Global Bioenergies signs offtake agreement for French energy market


In France, energy supplier Butagaz has signed an exclusive partnership to use Global Bioenergies’ biobased isobutene in in its butane and propane for energy markets.

Under the terms of the agreement, Butagaz will “contribute financially to Global Bioenergies’ industrial development.” The first batches of biobased isobutene will be produced at Global Bioenergies’ demonstration-scale plant as early as this year. The deal also includes a provision for Butagaz to purchase thousands of metric tons when Global Bioenergies’ first commercial plant comes onstream.

The agreement is limited to the French market. Butagaz says the move will improve the carbon footprint of its products. This step is part of our long-term vision to play an effective and efficient role in energy transition, says Butagaz chairman Emmanuel Trivin.