German company plans engineered fiber plant


In Germany, Zelfo Technology is building an engineered fiber production and research facility in Schwedt.

The company’s produces cellulosic and ligncellulosic fibers, including micro fibrillated cellulose, from a range of waste streams. Its technology enables fibers with specific properties, such as high degree of defibrillation. This improves binding capacity by a factor of several thousand.

The initial commercial target will be containerboard. “Forming strategic tie-ups with container box producers to produce industry specific products to penetrate in new application sectors is considered to be a major opportunity for the global containerboard market, and Zelfo Technology’s Engineered Fibres allow such opportunities to become a reality, not in the future, but today,” says Zelfo Technology’s Technical Director Trevor Dean. Figures from 2013 indicate Zelfo’s MFC can reduce grammage by over 200-billion square meters.

The Schwedt facility will be strategically located beside a European Moulded Fiber Operation Services GmbH packaging research and development center. It will also be close to two Leipa Paper facilities.