The Debate Continues – Is Glyphosate Dangerous to Our Health? Latest Study Says Yes, Monsanto Says No


In the United Kingdom, researchers published a paper saying Monsanto’s controversial ingredient in Roundup, glyphosate, affects liver function even from ultra-low dose exposure. The report says this low exposure leads to increased cases of certain diseases including non-alcoholic liver disease, obesity, and diabetes. Glyphosate is still allowed to be used in the Europe Union until December 2017, but it continues to be hotly debated with possible restrictions or bans in the future for Europe.

However, Monsanto says the data the scientists used was flawed and relied on old samples from 2012. The Crop Protection Association told Horticultural Week that “Glyphosate is amongst the most thoroughly tested herbicides on the market, and those studies by expert regulators have consistently concluded that glyphosate does not pose a risk to public health.” So who is right? Looks like we need another study to determine that answer.