Small-batch personal care maker gains a following


In Washington State, small business owner Laura Kneib has been batch-producing soap, lip balms, and shampoo using waste biodiesel glycerin and reclaimed vegetable oil from restaurants.

The company, F.R.O.G Soap, has its origins in small experiments Kneib began in her own kitchen after learning that restaurants dumped waste oils into landfills. Since she began four years ago, Kneib has repurposed nearly 5 tons of waste materials via small batches, with customers all over the globe. The company’s name stands for From Reclaimed Oil and Glycerin.

The reclaimed oils and glycerin are filtered and mixed with lye, rainwater, essential oils and other natural ingredients. Scents and other decorative ingredients are then added. Kneib kayaks Ostrich Bay to find seaweed and uses dandelions from her yard. Scents include lavender, blackberry, mimosas, and cucumber.

“Every time I make a batch, it’s fascinating,” Kneib tells Earth Island Journal.

Kneib also repurposes cardboard local businesses drop of at her home as packaging.