Neste Jacobs’ technology boosts tall oil output at Finnish plant


In Finland, Neste Jacobs has installed an advanced process control technology at Forchem Oy’s Rauma tall oil facility that will increase product output.

A two-month performance analysis of the technology, dubbed NAPCON Controller, done pre-installation indicated it would boost production by 9%. Once implemented, the multivariable, model-predictive technology could, however, further increase output by an additional 8%.

“During NAPCON Performance Analysis and the subsequent NAPCON implementation we became convinced of Neste Jacobs’ expertise to carry out the production optimization with NAPCON Controller,” says Risto Näsi, CEO of Forchem Oy. “Neste Jacobs has proven their expertise to us in Tall Oil processing technology and engineering and are now combining that expertise with high level automation technology.”

The Rauma facility produces mainly tall oil rosin and tall oil fatty acid. Before the investment, the plant had annual capacity of 200,000 tons.