MiMedx Investigation Into Employee Allegations Continues


In Georgia, MiMedx Group Inc., a company that focuses on regenerative medicine in various medical specialties like surgical, orthopedic, spine, and dental fields, has been investigating fraud allegations from two former employees. Two MiMedx employees were allegedly selling MiMedx products for other companies, some of which were direct competitors of MiMedx, Since this practice was against their employment contract, both employees were fired and sued by MiMedx. The employees then returned the favor and sued MiMedx for fraudulent business practices. Is it a case of bitter employees trying to get back at their employer for firing them or are they real assertions? MiMedx is working with its lawyers and external auditors to investigate the lawsuit claims to prove the employees are falsely accusing them. So far, they haven’t found any evidence, but the investigation is continuing.