Farmers Edge and Blair’s bring precision agriculture tools to the Canadian Prairies


In Saskatchewan, Farmers Edge partnered with Blair’s Family of Companies to provide growers in the Canadian Prairies with an accurate view of where moisture collects and the impact it’s had in their fields. Growers throughout the Canadian Prairies saw increased crop disease, flooding and poor ground conditions due to a wet harvest season this year.

Farmers Edge has a network of nearly 1,300 automated field-centric weather stations, deployed every 2,500 acres, across the Canadian Prairies. Blair’s customers can combine high-resolution imagery with specific field station data to identify production zones within the field and optimize crop inputs.

“At a time when weather conditions like heavy rain and early snowfall assail Western Canada, decision-support data represents a particularly compelling opportunity, since it can help growers preemptively plan for these changing conditions, identify the causes of dropping yields, and maintain the highest possible margins,” said Wade Barnes, President and CEO of Farmers Edge.