Trusted Partners

We’re excited to be supported in our quest — to revolutionize the way the advanced bioeconomy explores, partners and develops — by the National Corn Growers Association and Global Biofuture Solutions. Through its early-support of DigestData, NCGA has made it possible for dozens of research labs suitable for the development of advanced technologies using corn-based sugars to be available via unrestricted free access.


DigestData is powered by data gleaned from more than 30,000 articles that have appeared in The Digest, Nuu Agriculture, Nuu Biomaterials & Intermediates, and Nuu Nutrition Technologies — the world’s most widely-read daily advanced bioeconomy resource, since 2007.

900+ Projects

More than 900 projects around the world are tracked by the Digest, and thousands of organizations that are project owners, policymakers, investors, growers, R&D partners, institutes of learning, supply-chain partners, advisors, analysts, customers and distributors.

Granular Project Data

DigestData not only unites projects and organizations into one global database — every feedstock, every geography, every processing technology, every product set — it relates the projects and partners to each other, so in discovering one project you are opened to a world of partners and projects with related teams, regions, products or technologies.

Stakeholders connected to projects

DigestData not only looks at projects — but what exactly is there on the ground. What units are operating there, what feedstocks, what products, what scale, what business model. It's the ultimate granular approach, yet through web technology, presented in an easy-to-navigate format that turns deep research and analysis from a hassle into a breeze.

Messaging-enabled - connect with partners and customers

Great, you have project and organizational data — prospects for your own advancement to contact and engage with. What do you do now? Well, engage, beginning with DigestData's messaging system that begins a contact process that you can continue ultimately in any fashion you prefer. But every engagement starts with an introduction, and DigestData makes it happen.

Research. Prospect. Compare. Analyze. Contact. Engage.

DigestData enables you to find projects and organizations that represent opportunities, analyze, focus, cross-check, contact and engage. Partners, investors, technologies, suppliers, customers. No matter what you need, DigestData supports discovery, contact and the pursuit of mutual benefit. For a fraction of what it would cost to develop, build, research and support your own database.

Search no more. Find for less.

The advanced bioeconomy's relational project and organization data portal.