Indian shoemaker set to launch 82% renewable shoe


In India, Panchkula-based Cedrus Lifestyles has designed an 82% biobased lifestyle sneaker.

The upper part of the shoe, lining material, and shoelaces are made from eucalyptus wood—produced in Austria and trade named Tencel—while the outer sole is made from 70% sugarcane ethylene vinyl acetate made in Brazil.

IS Paul, chairman, Cedrus Lifestyles Ltd., tells Tribune India an additive will  be added to the outersole material to ensure 100% biodegradability within 5 years. Shoes made from petroleum-based products take up to two centuries to biodegrade.

“We have developed prototypes and initially we will produce 2,000 pairs by the end of February. We plan to launch the product with a brand name “Broos” by April next year,” said Paul. They will be priced around Rs 4,000-4,500 (US$56-63).