Using satellite imagery and AI, Agronow launches Agriculture 5.0


In Brazil, Agronow is spearheading Agriculture 5.0, through which it will be possible to monitor crops by using artificial intelligence, making it possible for all sectors involved in agribusiness to receive alerts, information, analyses that are fundamental for remotely strategic decision making.

“Agronow is developing a technology that uses neural networks to determine what a crop is without having a manual input. This will allow the company to make correct estimates not only about yields, but also about the total agricultural production of a region or country. So we will be able to deliver completely new market intelligence with a detailed vision of how to expand the agricultural frontier and of changes in weekly production,” said the CEO of the company, Rafael Coelho.

Capable of monitoring rural property anywhere in the world by using satellite imagery, Agronow places all of the information on a farm’s productivity onto a unique platform.