Meridian Waste completes lignin-based resin performance testing


In Georgia, Meridian Waste Solutions, Inc. successfully completed its performance testing for lignin-based resins produced by their patent-pending lignin polymer process. The product is a flowable resin extender that has shown outstanding mechanical properties and processing characteristics for the plastics market.

At 15-25% inclusion rates, the product retains 100% of the tensile modulus, 100% of the impact strength, and over 90% of the tensile modulus in composites using polypropylene and polyethylene – a $265 billion market. Moving on a rapid development curve, the company’s offering meets a host of applications, including automotive components, agricultural products, building and construction and other durable goods. Jeff Cosman, Meridian’s Chief Executive Officer said, “We will continue to advance our unique bio-based product to reach higher loading levels as well as to expand our market opportunities.”