Nike publishes circular design workbook for sustainable guidelines


In Oregon, Nike’s new guide, Circularity: Guiding the Future of Design, is intended to provide designers and product creators across the industry with a common language for circularity.

“The guide…follows on the notion that the future of design is one of opportunity. Belief in that conviction is crucial to Nike’s design ethos, in which creating the future of sport is a fundamental cornerstone,” according to their press release.

“Over the years, Nike’s view to solving problems has broadened from one that considered just the intersection of athlete and product to one that views the entire athlete ecology holistically — which is where issues of sustainability become hugely important.”

“One example of sustainable design at Nike is new thinking of how to improve the material palette — proving that sustainability is not a constraint, but a catalyst for innovation. A platform like Flyleather is an example of creating a lower-impact and more-durable alternatives to old standards.”

Circularity: Guiding the Future of Design inspires conversation by sharing 10 key principles that are starting points from which to tear down norms and reconsider the process of craft and design. The hope is that the workbook helps to inspire considered choices that will shift the world forward.