Bacterial biocides to replace harmful alternatives in marine coatings


In Portugal, BioMimetx is developing anti-fouling paint additives made from bacteria.

BioMimetx’s additives prevent the buildup of algae, seaweed, and bacteria on boats that can increase drag and, consequently, fuel consumption. Traditional additives that reduce this phenomenon—known as biofouling—are often made from biocides that are toxic to marine organisms and slow to biodegrade.

BioMimetx’s BMX-11, however, is made from antimicrobials, algaecides, and other ingredients produced by bacteria.

“So far, BMX-11 is stable in marine paints for up to 8 months, with proven antifouling activity in sea tests,” Patrick Freire, founder & COO tells “When released through leaching, … it de-grades fast, in around one month.”

Freire  says expects to launch BMX-11 as a biochemical pesticide in the US in 2020 and in Europe within a year or two later.